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50% commission throughout the funnel

  • Video Hero Music $37 - $67 One-time (Fluctuates due to price testing and sales)
  • Upsell to ScreenFlow Hero Editing Course $67 One-time
  • Upsell to iPhone Video Hero Course $67 One-time
  • If buyer says NO to iPhone then upsell to DSR Video Hero Course $67 One-time

What is inside Video Hero Music?

  • 50 Exclusive Music tracks (Unlimited use for Commercial and Client Videos all media)
  • Training on 'Marketing with Music' - How to effectively use Music to Boost conversions and engagement!
  • Training on 'How to Edit with Music' - TV Music editing hacks to apply to your Videos!
  • VSL Script template - Detailed breakdown and template of the Video Hero Music Sales Video to apply to you own niche!

Rules (Pretty please)

  • Failure to observe the rules could result in you being barred by Clickbank. Not worth the risk!
  • No spammy promotions. No negative use of phrases like 'Is XYZ a fraud, a trick, spam etc.?' If in doubt just send me a note.
  • No copying my entire Sales Video and republishing it on YouTube and so forth (It does happen!). Showing a max of 20 secs footage is allowed.
  • No mirroring or cloning my sales page. That's just cheeky.
  • Thanks for being cool - I know this kind of thing applies to just a tiny minority of affiliates.

FREE Music track giveaway!

You can give away this FREE Premium Video Hero Music Track to your subscribers or on Social Media (It is not included in the 50 Pack inside the Video Hero Music product.)

100% Royalty Free - YouTube safe. Unlimited use on commercial, private and client videos all media. Not for resale.


Direct link for FREE Music Download you can share (or download and re-upload to your own server):


E-mail Swipe

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    Email Swipe copy

    Download PDF and copy and paste.

    'Alt-Click' to download (Chrome Mac) or 'Right Click - Save Link as' (Mac/PC) or click on Music icon to open new page then 'File - Save Page as'.