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Updated for iOS 8 & 9 and iPhone 6 & 6 Plus. Also covers iOS 7, iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 5c!


How to make INCREDIBLE Videos with your iPhone to SELL MORE of your products & services!

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  • Pro-Quality

    How to turn your iPhone into a lean mean Video Marketing machine without spending loads of $$!

  • Video sells more!

    Discover how to shoot clean looking Sales and Opt-in Videos using your iPhone and the Apple Look.

  • Filming Yourself

    No flip-out screen – No problem! You’ll find out how to film yourself and monitor how good you look at the same time (and it’s not using the front camera)

  • Audio issues solved

    Revealed: My tested ways to capture crisp audio on your iPhone using an external microphone, without expensive gear.

  • Apptastic

    My step by step guide to the best Video Apps in the App store. Handpicked by me so you don’t waste time and cash on the bad ones!

  • Video testimonials

    Win more business by shooting attention grabbing customer testimonials. See how I help a fitness trainer shoot a testimonial.

  • Make a Video Ad in minutes!

    Make a live action Video Promo or Directory Listing using a free under the radar App. Hint: Clients will pay for a Video like this!

  • Recommended Accessories Guide

    You get my comprehensive and insanely popular accessories guide so you don’t waste cash on the wrong gear!

  • Plus More!

    Over 3 hrs of high value, laser focussed content including my 4 EXTRA HERO Bonuses you’ll discover below.

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It's one of the few courses where I've watched ALL the training in ONE sitting because I was glued to it. Jules is a bonafide EXPERT .. and he creates very ENGAGING modules. It's full of great stuff ..  it's a lot of fun!

James Schramko James Schramko

Jules is a master at communicating and condensing his years and years of Video experience. If you have an iPhone AND a business you NEED this course. You can't afford NOT to be using Video today, and nothing will teach you how to make Videos on your iPhone cheaper and easier than iPhone Video Hero!

James Wedmore James Wedmore

Every now and then I see something in the Video space that makes me go WOW! iPhone Video Hero is one of those! What I love most about the training is that it quickly gets to the point and helps you get a RESULT super fast with just your iPhone!

Gideon Shalwick Gideon Shalwick

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Vlogging on the go!

Shoot a promo!

Get paid to make Local Biz Videos!

Shoot quality Welcome, Squeeze and Sales Videos!

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    I’ve worked with dozens of TV experts new to being on camera. In this 60 mins recorded seminar I’ll show you how to be your best possible self in your Videos. Value $97

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    In this 45 mins session I reveal the top lessons I’ve learned making Video based Info Products that sell every day! Value $197

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    In this 50 mins intensive training video I reveal insider TV Directing tricks to make your Videos fly off the screen! Value $97

  • Profitable Video Ideas 'A to Z’ Guide

    Profitable Videos you can make for your Biz or Blog covering a wide range of niches. Value $27

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Training on the iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 5c, 6, 6 PLUS & iPad is waiting for you inside.